2020 Is Here!

The holidays are past, diets are kicking in and now may be a good time to check in on your insurance plans to see if they are doing for you what you want them to do! January is a good time to focus on your life insurance plans. Many people have bought term life and are getting close to the end of their policy periods. Life insurance needs change over the years for clients and it is a good idea to make an assessment occasionally, to make sure your coverage is appropriate for your current needs. Current debt levels, number of dependents, income replacement for one’s spouse, and final expenses are a few of the many considerations that goes into life insurance planning. Also, newer life policies can be hybrid plans that incorporate critical, chronic, and terminal illness riders to help with adverse health situations while living. There is no better time than this month to re-assess your life needs and pick an appropriate plan for this season of your life! 

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