A Variety of Senior Insurance Options to Choose From


Medicare Supplements

We represent many companies offering Medicare Supplemental Coverage. Medicare Supplements are designed to help you with the gaps that Original Medicare leaves behind.

We will help you choose the plan that is right for you! We offer plans A-N. Call us for a quote!

Long Term Care

A longer-term illness can strike anyone. Not only are one's assets at risk, but also one's independence. A long term care plan can help protect both of these important aspects of retirement.

Please call today to schedule an appointment to get a quote and to hear about the benefits of owning a long term care insurance plan.

Fixed Annuities

A fixed annuity can be an important part of your retirement savings. Whether it is a traditional fixed annuity that earns interest based on an advanced declared interest rate, or a fixed indexed annuity that participates in the gains of a stock index, your principal is never at risk from a decline in the stock market.

In today's volatile market, having a fixed annuity can bring more peace in retirement.

Final Expense Life

With the costs of burial expenses on the rise, a final expense plan can help both the insured and beneficiary through the costs and stresses of an unexpected death.

We have many companies that we can research for you to give you the best rate for your desired coverage. Protect your loved ones with a final expense policy.

Major Medical

The costs of a surgery or hospital stay can be overwhelming. We can help you find a major medical that will help shoulder the burden of high health care costs.

Many people find co-pay plans fit their budget while others decide high deductible plans with lower premiums are suited to their finances.